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A natural stone can bring a touch of luxury and elegance to your home. But, it requires polishment at regular intervals of time to maintain its original shine and charm.

In this blog, we will discuss those signs that indicate your stone needs to be polished. With the help of these points, you can prevent your natural stone from permanent damage by polishing it at the right time.

When Your Stone Needs To Be Polished

⇒ When They Look Dull Or Lifeless

With time, natural stone accumulates dirt, grime, and other contaminants that make it appear dull or unattractive. Besides, it is susceptible to daily wear and tear, which can lower its shiny look.

If you observe that your natural stone has lost its shine and appearance due to these factors, it’s time to get it polished right away.

⇒ When They Have Scratches Or Chips

Everyday activities, such as walking or dragging furniture create scratch marks on your natural stone. Moreover, dropping a heavy object can cause a chip or crack on it.

In addition to this, using abrasive cleaners to clean your natural stones can also damage the surface and make it more prone to scratches and chips. In such cases, properly polishing the surface can help you out of this and restore the sparkle of your natural stone.

⇒ When They Appear Cloudy Or Hazy

Stone surfaces in our homes are exposed to different elements like hard water, chemical-based cleaners, and day-to-day spills. These elements somehow affect the surfaces.

Constant exposure to these elements results in a cloudy or hazy appearance of your stone. So, if your stone also has lost its original look and got cloudy and dull, it requires polishing.

⇒ When They Attract Stubborn Stains

Accidental spills of harmful substances like vinegar, lemon juice, or bleach can stain the natural stone permanently. Some of these substances are stubborn in nature and can’t be removed with cleaning.

In such cases, polishing the natural stone can help remove them and restore the original beauty of the surface.

⇒ It’s Been A Long Time

Another sign that your stone needs polishing is the time factor. Usually, our experts recommend polishing your stone in between 5-10 years according to your use. So, if it has been more than 10 years since you polished your stone, it is better to get your stone polished to maintain its appearance and longevity.

Stone Polishing Experts at Your Help

If you’ve observed any of the above-mentioned signs in your natural stone surfaces, you must get them polished professionally to keep them in their best shape.

We are San Marcos’s leading stone polishing experts with a proven record of guaranteed satisfaction. Our experienced professionals utilize advanced equipment and efficient techniques that can restore the former glory of your stoned surfaces and add years to their lives. Give us a call at (248) 313-8510 to learn more.