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Stone Polishing

Top-Rated Stone Polishing

Stone is among the most aesthetically pleasing and durable materials available for indoor and external construction. It has numerous uses, including flooring, wall tiling, worktops, and more. It’s a smart buy, but only until you look after it properly.

Unfortunately, figuring out exactly how to care for the stone can be a real pain. You might be confused by the variety of stone care products available on the market and the differing views of many “specialists.” Not only is cleaning sufficient, but stone polishing is also necessary.

Call us before you waste hours cleaning your stone flooring. Months of buildup are removed, and your stone floors are restored to their pristine form, thanks to our expert machinery and cleaning solvents. To finish up, get quality stone polishing for that lasting shine.

Stone Polishing: Our Process

1. Pre-Inspection:
A complete pre-inspection is required for all natural stone cleaning, refinishing, and sealing work. We create a personalized maintenance plan for the stone based on your individual requirements.

2. Preparation:
We will take the required care to safeguard the regions encircling your natural stone since we understand how valuable your property is to you.

3. Cleaning:
We utilize the most advanced cleaning chemicals for scrubbing stones. The stone is first washed and scrubbed. Finally, we use specialized rinsing equipment suitable for your stone.


4. Diamond Grinding:
Abrasives made of diamonds resurface/remove a small bit of material (just sufficient to get beneath the scrapes and chip marks). To keep the dirt down, all diamond grinding is done using water.

5. Honing:
To obtain an evenly polished surface shine, the stone is systematically refinished with diamond cutting tools and water.

6. Polishing:
A glossy finish sheen is achieved by finishing the stone using specialized machinery.

7. Sealing:
We will apply a strong duty commercial grade sealer to safeguard your stones, based on the sealant preferred.

8. Post-Inspection:
Before we exit the house, we’ll do a walk-through examination of the regions and offer you certain pointers on how to care for the stone floors.

Add Some Luxury To Your Floors. Hire Our Experts!

At navigate Carpet Cleaning Company, we are committed to assisting you in keeping your house hygienic, tidy, and looking its best at all times. We offer excellent stone polishing. A simple phone call is all it takes to solve complex natural stone grinding, polishing, scrubbing, and sealing problems.

Call (248) 313-8510 for a Free Quote from us.