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A pair of pants costs $12 greater than a baseball cap. Charlotte’s aim is to save heaps of $100 for her seaside journey on the end of the summer season. They acknowledge the steps as being the same.

The solution by @josgarithmetic is wrong ranging from its second line to the tip. The cost is now $3.75; basically we added on 25 cents to get this new price. Here is a quick casual way to remedy any 2-part combination problem like this.

Bob’s month-to-month cellphone invoice is made up of a $10 payment plus $0.05 per minute. Write an equation to mannequin the situation, utilizing to characterize the number of minutes. Solve the equation to discover out the number of phone minutes Bob utilized in July. Write an equation to symbolize every word downside. Solve the equation displaying the steps after which state the value of the variable in the context of the state of affairs.

Find the equation for the set of all points p if it is equidistant from and the x-axis. The area is all values of n higher than or equal to zero and smaller than or equal to a hundred and forty. Given that a invoice was 22.4 dollars, then zero; and simply clear up for x. For x number of lengthy distance minutes, monthly bill is dollars. A boat traveled 210 miles downstream and back. Reversing the digits of a 2 digit number changes the value by 9 instances the distinction between the digits.

The following questions are utilized by Macy’s for their Executive Development Program . It is feasible that Bloomingdale’s makes use of the identical take a look at for his or her Executive Development Program. You will need to reply around 60 of the questions in 10 minutes. You will complete this take a look at whenever you apply for the EDP program on the Macy’s web site. Become a registered tutor to reply college students’ questions. Charlotte receives a weekly allowance from her mother and father.

How to count the fee per pound of an item? – is an online app for comparing the fee per pound or price per pound of products. Coded in HTML and JavaScript, the price comparison app is extraordinarily user-friendly and easy-to-use. You can access the app using desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablets or cell gadgets to get the price per pound or cost per lb. By coming into merchandise, weight and price info within the respective fields, you can determine the price per pound or price per lb.

This reply has been confirmed as right and useful. We at answerout attempt to help everyone who’s looking for the answer to the question they don’t discover anywhere. After 3 days a sample of radon-222 has decayed to 58% of its unique amount.

She spent half of this week’s allowance on the movies, however earned an extra $4 for performing additional chores. If she didn’t spend any extra cash and completed the week with $12, what is Charlotte’s weekly allowance? Write an equation that can be utilized to search out the unique amount of Charlotte’s weekly allowance. Let A be the value how fast are hippos of Charlotte’s unique weekly allowance. Students remedy equations for the value of the variable using inverse operations; by making zero and making one . The reply is straightforward and in this blog submit, we are going to present you the means to clear up the math problem.

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