One Of The Best Advice You Can Ever Get About Galaxy S4 Shuts Off By Itself

The new telephone is now doing EXACTLY what yours is doing. Sometimes, after I press the ability button to only turn off the display screen the power menu reveals up, the telephone stays on for 2-3 seconds longer, then the telephone shuts itself. It then gets caught on the s4 display screen until I take away the battery.

The battery doesn’t appear to be loose at all, as i can hold the cellphone by the edges with no rear cover and the battery stays in place. It happened to me and my telephone is new! The tool will scan and find wwnytv7 news the information on your telephone routinely. After that, you’ll find a way to preview and select those you need, and click on “Recover” to again up your Galaxy phone to the pc.

The sensation did not have this random shutting down downside. (i do not assume the titanium triggered either). You should provide more particulars like firmware model, the physical state of your phone a minimum of, earlier than asking such questions. The issue can be of software or hardware nature but you did not provided any helpful information … I realized that it only shuts off when battery is beneath 30% battery cost and all the time at night time.

Just ‘blinks’ at you and randomly turns off. This is my 2nd time attempting yo write this. My inside energy button is broken & need replacing as well as memory card retains transferring & having fragmented memory. I record over 3 1000’s pictures because of it.

I’m going out on a limb and saying try a new battery. The Galaxy S4 is already an excellent handset, but it wasn’t made to be a power hog. It is a great cellphone, however it was made to be a phone. There are many telephones made to have an enormous battery life however be really exhausting to make use of. A phone just like the Galaxy S4, which is already good, is designed to be a enjoyable phone to play with. Galaxy S4 shuts off itself by itself is a bit more common and it’s a very easy repair.

It shuts down, you failed to turn up for class and so on.. And demand alternative, or return it and alter to MotoX, Note3 or iphone5S. First of all, Samsung does not learn the discussion board, nor am I conscious that anyone from this discussion board work for them. So actually, no one will get heartbroken should you were to move back to iphone. Also, relying on the kind of alarm clock app you are utilizing, there are some varieties that I believe can be set to ring even when the phone is powered down. If you could have installed any type of task killer to your phone, it might lead to interfering with the alarm.

So lastly since I’m not beneath warranty, haven’t any insurance, and the cellphone wasn’t working anyway, I just ripped the white plastic part of the power button right off. Phone instantly fired back up with out issue and has been going sturdy. I glued a small skinny piece of plastic the place the old one used to be and I am back in motion. If my little plastic piece solution ultimately fails or breaks off I will contemplate soldering on a new button but up to now so good. Samsung in case your listening, Put a FM radio in it.

The screen goes black, the notification led flashes and that is all it does. No alarm works, can’t call it, no messages get by way of. I’m going to examine how long I have to convey it in beneath guarantee – I’m not in any hurry because it might get cured by another replace. It was bought new final month from Costco, on Verizon, and the paperwork is right here someplace . But I’ve had phones up to now that may shut off once on their very own and never do it once more.

How to fix “Android phone keeps turning off”? We hope that neither of the questions is hard for you right now. Here, we have to say that the reasons for this phenomenon are way over those stated above, however the solutions in this article are comparatively comprehensive and value a shot. Finally, when you have any comments or ideas, please submit them on the message board below. Most phones include a producer guarantee to cowl a host of issues, assuming your cellphone hasn’t been critically broken. You can now attain out to the manufacturer if none of the above works.

But today when it occurred the third time, the press and hold didn’t work until i took out the battery and put it again. When it is on, the battery nonetheless had like 70% power. It is highly essential to manufacturing facility reset your device each every now and then. Although you must proceed with caution as all your knowledge shall be erased, it also ensures that any residual elements of old apps are eliminated. So that makes up for clearing out your telephone totally.

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