Keshe Basis Evaluation

Instead he now uses his new “cancer blueprint” as a distraction. Let the MESSiah talk about Anna, his Belgian coma affected person, within the medical blueprint workshop on Tuesday. Should the KF ever show anything that REALLY can cure cancer, then in fact we will not oppose it. But in this case, we’ll insist that it’s correctly researched and tested by OFFICIAL authorities, and that the ORIGINAL inventor, not the Keshe Foundation, receives all of the credits for his/her work. It’s time that the KF stops being profitable on the again of other individuals.

MESSiah Keshe then called scientists and pharma firms “enemies”. It seems over time, EVERYONE becomes an enemy to the KF. Without enemies, there would be no drama. And without drama, folks wouldn’t give narcissists Keshe and Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose the eye they need to survive. So they CREATE their very own enemies by way of slander. Unlike what has been claimed amongst conspiracy circles, autism just isn’t brought on by vaccines or heavy metals.

I paid 1800 euro for His MAGRAV Generator over 2 years ego and no MAGRAV and no money. Keshe’s technology additionally depends closely on what he refers to as plasma. The foundations websites contains explanations of their theories about plasma, the place it’s described as a panacea with applications in health, propulsion, agriculture and psychology. Keshe has made numerous medical claims over time, stating that he has know-how able to curing cancer, ALS and other diseases. In 2016 his basis promoted his know-how in Norway.

EMPTY MT KESHE shot that video himself with the camera of Mad-ame Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose. That video exhibits the chaotic thoughts of a three 12 months old toddler, and the way he tries to persuade individuals of his nice fantasies. At that time, EMPTY KESHE instructed me to put that video on the website of KF, however I refused. So EMPTY MT KESHE made faux movies for NASA to “prove” weight discount of his reactors, positioned on an digital weight scale. See Keshe’s quotes as proofKeshe stated they may “educate the youngsters” in Ghana, however youngsters should not be “educated” by the KF in any respect. In fact, youngsters should be saved far away from the KF.

This company known as Vicious Dog, and it claims to have gotten DNA from a canine that was involved in a dog assault. It was one of the most well-known instances so far in the subject, as it’s essentially the most well-known canine assault case ever to take place. Magrav is the company that makes DNA testing kits and the corporate that makes the DNA testing kits we’re utilizing on this article. Not solely does magrav make DNA testing kits that work, their technology has been used to discover human DNA. To be trustworthy, I don’t know the way they did it, however plainly they’ve been able to establish human DNA utilizing their DNA testing kits.

There is a definite sample with Keshe and his wife. This being, the second they are questioned about their expertise or uncovered as frauds, they will name you a pedophile as their main protection. Plus, they seem to have an extensive and properly funded community of faux news reporters and on-line propaganda dis-info brokers to help perform such defamation campaigns.

There is a mount where Jesus lived practising meditation. Most of the individuals within the area believed it to be true. We understand resurrection as yoga science that clearly defines the underlying principles sto salvaged tech by which Jesus resurrected his crucified physique into the liberty and lightweight of God’.

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