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Tiled surfaces offer beauty and durability to the place and are a popular option for both homeowners and proprietors. But they require regular cleaning to keep dirt at bay and protect their pristine appearance.

However, beginners can end up making mistakes that can have long-term consequences on your tiled surfaces. To prevent this, we have listed some common do’s and don’ts of tile and grout cleaning. It’ll help you clean the tiled surfaces effectively without any side effects.

Important Do’s and Don’ts Of Tile and Grout Cleaning

♦ Do Clean the Tiled Surfaces Regularly

One thing you must do at all costs is regularly clean your tile and grout. You can do so by maintaining a regular cleaning schedule and vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping as per the requirement. It’ll keep your tile and grout stain-free and prevent damage.

Note: Avoid using carpet and upholstery-specific attachments as they can scratch the tiled surfaces while vacuuming the floors.

♦ Don’t Use Abrasive Tools

Using abrasive tools on tiled surfaces is a big no. Tools like steel wool, hazard-bristled brushes, and others scratch the tiles badly when you use them. They also ruin the sealing and make your tile and grout vulnerable to spills and stains. Instead of abrasive tools, use microfiber mops and sponges.

♦ Do Handle Spills ASAP

The longer you let a spill sit on your tiled surfaces, the tougher it’ll be to remove them later on. So, you should handle any spills on your floor as soon as possible to prevent long-term damage. It’ll also stop your floors from yellowing and preserve their beauty.

♦ Don’t Neglect Grout Lines

Homeowners often neglect the grout lines when cleaning tiled surfaces. But you should avoid doing so, as dirt, grime, and allergens often accumulate inside these lines, making them look filthy. It affects the surface’s aesthetic appeal and increases the chances of mold growth, allergies, and other issues.

♦ Do Get Grout Sealed

Similarly, you should get your grout sealed if the seal has worn off. Unsealed grout deteriorates fast from dirt, debris, and stains as these contaminants sip inside the grout lines and accumulate there. To prevent this, get your grout sealed and get it inspected occasionally.

♦ Don’t Use Excess Moisture

You should avoid using excessive moisture to clean your tiled floors, as it can seep into the grout lines and lead to mold growth. So, when mopping the tiled surfaces, only use a slightly wet microfiber mop. Also, wring it thoroughly before cleaning it again.

♦ Do Use Proper Cleaners

Nothing harms tiled surfaces more than using the wrong cleaners on them. Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach when cleaning tile and grout to prevent this. Also, perform a spot test with the solution before applying it to the tiles to prevent damage.

♦ Don’t Delay Hiring the Pros

Homeowners believe the common tile and grout cleaning myth of tiled floors, not requiring regular professional cleaning. So they wait till the last minute to book a professional cleaning, and the tiled surfaces suffer from high foot traffic and staining due to this.

You can prevent this by hiring skilled experts at Carpet Cleaning to clean your tiled surfaces. Our effective cleaning leaves your tile and grout looking spotless and removes all the dirt and stains. We restore your surface’s shine and luster with zero side effects. You can contact us at (248) 313-8510 to book your service.